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Modern Tomes for Old Souls


Every book is made from the highest quality materials:

  • Davey binder’s board or upcycled antique covers

  • archival grade adhesive

  • 100% Irish linen waxed thread

  • 50lb sketch paper

Each sheet of paper is individually dyed in neutralized coffee for an aged effect. Burnt edges, ripped pages and even ink splatter can also be found throughout each book, creating a truly time-worn atmosphere.



I sew all of my journals using the ancient binding method known as Coptic Stitch, often referred to as Medieval binding.

Coptic Stitch creates an “open spine” effect.

This allows the spine to be flexible yet strong, and best of all, it allows the book to lay completely flat when open.

This means a smooth writing surface with every page!

The gorgeous, chain-like stitches are an element of design in and of themselves, and make these books stand out from every other one on the shelf.

book spines.jpg


I love bringing history to life through design.

Some of my favorite styles to work with include Victorian Gothic, Medieval, Baroque and Celtic.

Regardless of the specific theme, I always use my intuition to craft each tome, and the end result is a truly unique, surreal and esoteric atmosphere.

Children of the Night thumbnail.jpeg

Books with Soul

All tomes are channeled through my embodiment of joy, alignment and allowing.

They are born from a state of self-love.

This means when you purchase a Raven Relics journal, you are inviting the energy of self-love into your own life.


Each book is a being unto itself, with its own energy signature and higher purpose. They, in fact, choose you just as much as you choose them.



I have always loved to write.

I channeled my first poem when I was 11 years old, and to this day, poetry is one of the most direct pathways to the depths of my soul.


My musings are dark, macabre, surreal, and sometimes existential.


Eventually I will publish a book of my dark musings, but until then, they will appear, from time to time, in the pages of my journals.


If a journal has been directly inspired by one of my original musings, you will find the poem printed on the title page.


Please Contact for custom orders

Journal Reviews

I have purchased two of these pieces of functional art. I cherish mine and use it for daily journaling. The other one I sent as a gift and stunned the recipient. Absolutely beautiful!!! 


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