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Private Tarot Mentorship

3 - 6 month container

You already know your truth,

you just need to feel safe to admit it.


Tarot is a mirror.

It is a guide, a friend, and a portal to pure presence.


Tarot allows you to see your own blind spots in a supportive and sovereign way, while simultaneously awakening your innate worth and wisdom.


When combined with the power of intuition, Tarot catalyzes radical authenticity and self-discovery unlike anything else.

At Raven Relics, my intention is to empower spiritual seekers to explore and engage their deepest truths so they can create a fulfilling life that they love.


I combine a decade of devotion to inner work with 7 years of Tarot study, my ability to channel energy and my passion for introspection to facilitate self-exploration and deep conversation.


This private mentorship container is a non-judgmental space where you can experience life-changing transformation, release all that is not yours and remember who you've always been.

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Through the alchemical art of Tarot and intuitive inner work, we'll walk home to your heart together.

Included in this private container:

- Bi-weekly 60 minute Zoom sessions (6 - 12 total)
- Recordings of all
sessions emailed to you
- One of my handcrafted journals

To schedule a free Connection Call via Zoom, please email me at and briefly share why this mentorship is calling to you.

To get a feel for how I work, you can check out my Tarot YouTube channel HERE

or purchase a personal reading HERE.

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Without you, I would not be where I am right now. You helped focus me in a way I wasn’t able to always focus myself. You asked the questions that I was terrified to answer and gave me the unconditionally loving space to unpack it all. In all of that you showed me how to accept and approve of myself.


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