Awakening Soul Mentorship


Inner work is the path of the Awakening Soul.

It's the path of the mystic, the healer, the seeker, and the conscious creator.

In this hectic, fast-paced world of unceasing distraction and distortion, inner work allows you to embody your divine essence, reclaim your energy, and remember who you were before the world told you who to be.


This work is my greatest passion and purpose.


Navigating the internal landscapes of the human experience is what I live for, and it's what I feel deeply called to share.

Over the years, through my own healing journey, I've developed a unique and catalyzing form of guidance that transforms those who are ready to uplevel their life from the inside out.

I blend channeling, intuition, tarot reading, embodied wisdom, shadow work, deconditioning, introspective questions, and my cathartic ability to hold space as a Human Design Projector, to provide life-changing clarity, insight and grounded guidance for moving forward.

If you're a heart-centered, sensitive soul who is ready to collapse timelines, embody abundance, remember your worth and reclaim energetic sovereignty, then you are ready to step into my field.

3 and 12 month mentorship packages are available.

All sessions are held via Zoom.

To schedule your FREE 20-minute Connection Call via Zoom, please email me at 

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