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Awakening Soul Mentorship


Inner work is the path of the Awakening Soul.

It's the path of the mystic, the healer, and the conscious creator.

In this modern paradigm of unceasing distraction and distortion, inner work allows you to reclaim your essence and remember who you were before the world told you who to be.


This work is my greatest passion and purpose.


Navigating the internal landscapes of the human experience is what I live for, and it's what I feel deeply called to share.

Through this sacred container, I will serve as your mirror, your witness and your guide. One session at a time, I will walk you home to your heart, and empower you to live every day anchored in your truth. 

In each session, I blend the following:

Powerful Questions

Shadow Work

Intuitive Tarot Reading

Energy Mastery

These elements, combined with my embodiment as a Human Design Projector, will activate your being into the free and sovereign creator you came here to be.

By entering my field, you are agreeing to unravel, one layer at a time, until nothing is left but the truth.

If you are committed to building a life of joy and soul-nourishing success... a life rooted in your personal truth and authority... then you are ready for this incredible journey within.

Mentorship Includes:

  • Bi-weekly Zoom sessions for 3 months. This is a total of 6 sessions, each 75 minutes long.

  • 24/7 text & email support. This is for brief questions, updates or tune-ins, to which I will respond within 24 hours.


  • A journal from my shop or a custom journal, as well as any digital downloads in my shop (a couple are in the works!)

~ Please note ~

To qualify for mentorship, you must have at least one

individual session with me first.

To purchase a session, please visit my Shop page.


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