Les Étoiles: The New Keepsake

Les Étoiles: The New Keepsake

Awaken the luxurious divine feminine with this one of a kind, intuitively designed, completely handcrafted tome.


Journals are portals to the sacred internal world of emotions, thoughts, and memories. They're a constant friend, a reminder to reflect, and a time capsule for future generations. Whether you're looking for a Book of Shadows, a dream journal, a diary journal, a gratitude journal, a guest register, or an exceptional gift, you can be sure that this intentionally crafted tome will serve you well for years to come.


I have named this particular French Gothic journal "Les Étoiles: The New Keepsake" (Étoiles being the French word for Stars). It includes stunning upcycled vintage covers dating to 1931 which I have edged with black lace, a baby pink sari ribbon closure with an authentic vintage skeleton key, a black silk bookmark, a front cover pocket filled with ephemera, a tissue guard over an elegant title page, numerous extra papers and pieces of ephemera scattered throughout, 28 digital stamps, 14 hand stamps, 3 gold charms hanging from the outside edge, and a name plate on the inside of the back cover. Every page has been individually dyed with neutralized coffee for a beautiful aged effect, and several pages have burn marks, ripped corners, or ink splatter.


The carefully handsewn, Coptic Stitch spine is an element of design in and of itself and will make this book stand out from every other one on the shelf. This ancient style of binding is as flexible as it is strong, allowing the book to lay completely flat when open and providing a smooth writing surface with every page.


Additionally, all journals are energetically cleansed and infused with powerful intentions to promote greater self-love wherever they go. My dream is not simply to create beautiful writing spaces, but to create a more self-aware society, one tome and one person at a time.


Each journal is a piece of my soul, handcrafted from start to finish with pure love, exquisite care and genuine inspiration in my sacred, smoke-free home studio.


Complete flip-through videos of every journal can be found on my YouTube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCueWGZrVSaXkHTdgITF41VA


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Width - 5 1/2
Length - 8 1/2
Spine height - 1 1/2
350 pages total (front and back)