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Sacred Mirror

You're walking down a hallway

with endless doors.

They all appear the same; boring, homogenized doors, with no character or life, stretching to infinity.

But up ahead, you see something new....

a door that stands out....

a door unlike any other.

It calls to you. It pulls you in.

You're so curious....

By the time you're standing in front of it, you are utterly magnetized to its energy.

You can't help but open it, and when you do, you realize....

it's a portal.

There is a low humming tone that anchors you down, grounding your body as you start to unravel.

A cocoon of soft darkness envelopes you; blanketing you in stillness and freeing you of all worldly distractions.

There are fragrant wild roses and a tangle of vines creeping across the shadows of the floor.

And then, in the center of the space, you see a mirror.

It's a mirror that can talk.

A mirror that looks like me.

You come face to face with yourself, through my field.

Do you know what it's like to see and be seen?

Do you know what it's like to reveal your soul without trying?

In this nurturing void.... in this web that I have woven... you meet your truth.

You come home to yourself, over and over again.

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