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Welcome to Raven Relics.


This soul-led business is designed to inspire introspection through a variety of sacred offerings.

You'll find powerful tarot readings, transformational mentorship, custom handcrafted journals, metaphysical musings and more that is yet to come.

May this place remind you of the magic in the mundane and inspire you to find that magic within yourself. 

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Immaculate silence

of a chill autumn day

softly broken by ravens

bearing omens far away

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Hello there, my name is Emily Rose.

I'm a tarot reader, intuitive guide, bookbinder, and the creator of Raven Relics.

I provide 1:1 mentorship to support your highest alignment and create custom tomes for the deepest musings of your heart.

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The unspeakable unknown

the space in between

looming like static

a sight yet unseen

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